Uphealth sends short messages with useful health info selected just for you. After signing up, you receive messages with Facts, Lists or Tips inside. Reply to all the messages you receive for a full month to qualify for $20 cash prizes. New contests begin every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is for anyone who has questions about Uphealth. It answers the most frequently asked questions we receive about the service. Hopefully this FAQ answers all of your questions about Uphealth. If you still have questions, tap here to contact us by email.

What is Uphealth? Uphealth is a free cloud and mobile service that sends you short messages with useful health information from trusted public sources. It rewards participation with cash prizes to change your behavior and produce lasting results.

How much does Uphealth cost? Uphealth is 100% free and the basic Uphealth service will always be free. Premium features may be added in the future but there are currently no plans to do so.

What health interests does Uphealth cover? Uphealth currently covers: diabetes health, diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, heart health, pregnancy and birth, preventive health, quit smoking and weight loss.

What is Uphealth used for? Uphealth should be used for informational purposes only and not as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Complete Terms of Service are available at

How does Uphealth work? Uphealth works by sending you health-related Facts, Lists and Tips as specified in your Settings. You qualify to win $20 cash prizes by replying to all messages for a full month.

How do I reply to Uphealth messages using email? Uphealth messages sent by email have two buttons in them: the main reply button and a Skip Topic button. Using either button qualifies as a reply for contests.

How do I reply to Uphealth messages using text/SMS? Use the Reply function on your mobile device to reply to Uphealth messages sent by text/SMS. No subject line or text are needed. This will qualify as a reply for contests.

Does Uphealth support any text/SMS commands? Yes, you can reply to any Uphealth message by texting "Help" for a list of text/SMS commands. Included here are "Skip" to jump to the next topic and "New" to start a new content category.

How do I start using Uphealth? Most people just start using Uphealth without any guidance. Others like referring to the Step-by-Step Guide or this FAQ, since these resources can be helpful, too.

Do people find Uphealth useful? People seem to find Uphealth very useful. Advanced machine learning technology lets our systems send highly-personalized messages that get more relevant over time.

Does replying to Uphealth messages more than once help? No, the maximum number of replies you can log for any message is one, so replying to messages more than once does not help.

Are there rules for Uphealth? Yes, there are important rules for winning cash prizes on Uphealth. Official Rules for Uphealth are available at

How can I contact Uphealth? You can send email to anytime. We always like hearing from people like you with feedback or questions.

Can I suggest an Uphealth message or topic? Please email us at with any message or topic suggestions. We promise they will be considered for use, though we cannot offer compensation in return.

What info does Uphealth gather? Uphealth gathers anonymous and personally identifiable information. The complete Privacy Policy is available at

What if Uphealth is not working right? Try restarting your web browser and then signing back into Uphealth, which often fixes the problem. If there is still a problem, please contact us at

Can I move Uphealth to a new phone, tablet or computer? Since Uphealth is already in the cloud, it should work with any web browser on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Will there be an Uphealth mobile app? Uphealth will be extended to specific platforms like Android and iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) as more people request it for those platforms.

Can Uphealth data be exported? There is no way to export Uphealth data for now, but secure reports and raw data export are under consideration.

Is subscribing to the Uphealth newsletter free? Yes, subscribing to our newsletter is completely free. It's also a great way to remain in touch with Uphealth.

Who created Uphealth and why? Uphealth was created by a healthcare company named Anschutz Media that is hard at work changing the world one message at a time.

Still have questions? Tap here to contact Uphealth by email.